I laughed out loud when I first pictured FALAFEL FOR LIFE.  The vision in my head was a swimming pool filled with deep-frying chunks of chick pea flour, an ocean of protein-rich meat substitute to fill the cravings of a million Vegan people.  Like, who would really eat a steady diet of Falafel for the rest of their lives? Very funny.

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FREE Stuff

Ever notice how absurd nutritional labels have become?  Candy companies sell fat free gummy bears.  Really.  Hey it’s accurate.  Irrelevant, yet accurate.

We have legitimate “free” attributes to brag about…  

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The $1000 Gift Card

Would you pay $1000 to eat 100 fantastic meals?

With the most amazing food on the planet?

Including amazing service?

Plus free drinks for yourself and everyone at your table?

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